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The Heavy Flavor working group will focus on what physics questions can be addressed by studies of open charm, open bottom and quarkonia at RHIC II. By the end of the next RHIC II workshop, at BNL in late April or May, we hope to have identified which heavy flavor measurements can best answer these questions and which are unique to RHIC II to help define the scientific mission of RHIC II. Following that, we are charged with providing a detailed assessment of the accelerator and detector capabilities that will be required to carry through those heavy flavor measurements with sufficient precision to obtain the answers.


  • Draft of the Heavy Flavor writeup ("White Paper") from July 17, 2006.

Physics Questions

  • Preliminary list of general questions and the measurements needed to address them. This list is preliminary and will be refined by all WG.
  • List of specific questions that can be addressed by studying Heavy Flavor physics at RICH-II. This list reflects work in progress and will be refined by our WG.


  • RICH-II Science Workshop November 11-12, 2005 at BNL
  • BNL Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting on November 3, 2005
    • Status report of the Heavy Flavor Working Group [PPT|PDF]
    • Response to PAC questions [PDF]
  • RHIC-AGS User Meeting June 20-24, 2005 at BNL
    • Talks from the Heavy Flavor Workshop (June 21)
    • One slide summaries of the April talks (compiled by Ramona)
    • The Heavy Flavor Physics Chart (June 22) [PPT|PDF]
  • RICH-II Science Workshop April 28-30, 2005 at BNL
    • Agenda & Talks of Heavy Flavor group
    • The overall workshop agenda and those from other WGs can be found here

Heavy Flavor Topics

  • In order to address the questions above different topics need to be investigated. The feasibility of each proposed measurement as well as its value in understanding the physics will be discussed and evaluated. The following subtopics are linked to "working" pages with (soon) plenty of information.

Papers and Documents of Interest

Group Membership

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  • If you join you should also subscribe to the general RHIC-II science mailing list.
Conveners: Tony Frawley <frawley@rcf.rhic.bnl.gov>, Thomas Ullrich <thomas.ullrich@bnl.gov>, Ramona Vogt <vogt@lbl.gov>  

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